Banking & Finance

KME Consulting - Dr. Kresse International Law Firm

Together with Kresse Law, our consulting arm, KME Consulting Group, forms a network of German and Maltese consultants with many years of professional experience in the fields of accounting, taxation, auditing, banking and a number of other business areas.

Bank accounts for your companies

Kresse International Law Firm regularly assists clients in opening bank accounts for their Maltese companies incorporated by KRESSE CORPORATE LTD.

We offer our clients access to a select network of local and international banks and payment institutions with whom we have ongoing, successful relationships.

Benefit from our local experience and network and use us as your centralised, professional point of contact in Malta that you can rely on.

Our local and international background in legal and business advice will help you achieve the desired results for your business activities in and through Malta. Companies from Germany and German-speaking countries in particular benefit from our advice.

KME Consulting Group

The efficient management of an international business, especially abroad, requires good preparation and sustainable implementation, e.g., with regard to:

  • Planning business and economic feasibility
  • Ensuring efficient banking relationships, both locally and internationally
  • Handling a wide range of organisational, accounting, employment, tax and other support functions
  • A clear assessment in relation to intellectual property rights, e.g., applying for a European trade mark registration
  • A Maltese licence if required for companies operating in regulated sectors (e.g., online gaming and financial services)
  • Implementation of appropriate international and local marketing measures

The KME Strengths

Kresse Malta & Maritime Experts (KME)

  • Provides accounting, financial reporting and tax advice
  • Ensures co-operation with auditors
  • Supports you in setting up and maintaining efficient local staffing and processing structures
  • Advises clients on Malta licences with a focus on online gaming (I-Gaming) and financial services by monitoring the latest guidelines & requirements of the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority)
  • Facilitates co-operation with relevant government and private bodies
  • Supports you in your local and international business development
  • Advises on all property matters, from finding an office to selecting a suitable residential property (rent or purchase)

Maritime Consulting: New consulting specialisation

For some time now, yacht registration in Malta has emerged as a further consulting focus for our network.

On the one hand, this involves the registration of privately used pleasure yachts on the basis of the Malta Operational Yacht Leasing Scheme and, on the other hand, the broad field of so-called Commercial Yacht Registrations for commercially used yachts on the basis of the Malta Yacht Code 2020. You will find a separate section on our website, see Yacht Registration in Malta