Why Malta for your Gaming License?

Why Malta for your Gaming License?

29 May 2022

Malta being at the heart of the Mediterranean, is a centre of excellence in the remote gaming sector globally. There are many reasons which show Malta’s attractiveness as a jurisdiction, including a mature and professional ecosystem surrounding the gaming industry. These are just a few of the reasons as to why big brands and other players come to Malta:

1. English is an official language in Malta, which makes it significantly easier for foreign companies to set up on the island and follow local laws and regulations.

2. Malta is the European gaming hub with the largest gathering of gaming companies and HR working in the gaming sector.

3. Malta has a large pool of gaming specialists, including lawyers, consultants, accountants, auditors, programmers, compliance and many more professionals, who are knowledgeable in respect of the gaming business and its regulations.

4. Many suppliers, including payment solutions, affiliates, online games and solutions, AML, fraud solutions, and others are available in Malta.

5. Whilst the standard of living in Malta is high, employment costs are relatively low. So, for example, it would cost a gaming company significantly less to hire a developer or graphic designer in Malta than it would in many other European countries.

6. The Maltese licences available are B2C and/or B2B and cater for different game verticals. The MGA Malta Gaming Authority works in a professional and efficient manner.

7. The licence costs are very competitive in comparison with other jurisdictions. There are also gaming tax advantages, with gaming tax only payable on Maltese players at 5% of GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue).

8. The Maltese Fiscal Unit regime - with an effective corporate tax rate of 5% - is a tax incentive (designed to attract foreign investment) and makes it beneficial for companies to set up a corporate structure in Malta, operating from the island and (where permissible) throughout the world.

9. VAT laws in Malta do not negatively affect gaming operations.

10. A Maltese gaming licence does not restrict operators to only accepting bets from Maltese players. Both B2C and B2B licences allow you to operate anywhere in the world, where it would not be illegal to do so.

So here are ten reasons to re-locate to Malta, a pro-business country with a rich history, enjoying welcoming weather during most of the year. The question therefore is not so much why Malta, but when.