Code of Commercial Communications for Gaming services

Code of Commercial Communications for Gaming services

10 February 2016

Attracting consumers is the most important consideration for gaming operators, whether it is through traditional or digital means of advertising, or via inducements and bonuses. In light of this, the proper regulation of advertising of gaming services is of high importance.

Since marketing and advertising are a critical part of any gaming service and consumers are faced with a wide array of options in terms of operators and games across different mediums, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has published a public consultation paper, being of the view that the current rules on the advertising of gaming services need to be updated.

Advertising rules to better reflect the gaming industry’s new techniques and technologies

MGA underlines that the rules need to better reflect the gaming sector’s development, in terms of player behaviour, marketing techniques, new technologies, regulatory practice, and the needs of society in general.

The general aim of the proposed Code is the protection of minors and other individuals who are, or may be more susceptible to problem gambling, the promotion and safeguarding of players’ rights and responsible gaming, the elimination of misleading terms, and in general the fair and non-predatory treatment of consumers by gaming operators.

Closing date for feedback on the aforementioned consultation is Monday, 28 March 2016.