Malta:  Tailor-made new Code for smaller Commercial Yachts

Malta: Tailor-made new Code for smaller Commercial Yachts

11 April 2024
More importance given to the commercial yachting segment below 24 meters

The new Malta Small Commercial Yacht Code (SCYC), effective from 1st April 2024, renders the Maltese Flag even more attractive, filling a regulatory gap in the market. The SCYC caters for the specific needs of Small Commercial Yachts, meaning yachts from 12 meters to 24 meters in length, engaged in commercial operations, with a passenger limit of 12.

The Code is an acknowledgement to the growing significance being attributed to the under 24 meters length commercial yacht segment.

Malta Shipping Authority leading the way to a more efficient future procedure for smaller commercial vessels

The Malta Merchant Shipping Directorate, while accommodating the unique features of Small Commercial Yachts, thus has ensured the most effective way forward for the smaller yacht industry.

Any Small Commercial Yacht, currently already holding the Maltese Flag, must be compliant with the new requirements, set out in the SCYC, within the next year; the respective yacht must adhere to the SCYC requirements at the time of the vessel’s first renewal survey conducted after 1st June 2024.

The new Code further suggests that pleasure yachts measuring more than 12, but less than 24 meters and being registered for personal use, should also voluntarily comply, as far as is practical and reasonable, with the standards of the SCYC. Apart from a safer overall environment, applying such standards across the board would, as well, if envisioned, ensure a potential smoother transition between pleasure and commercial licenses.

Tailoring regulatory standards for the small commercial yachting industry

By tailoring regulatory standards to the unique needs, demands, and technical improvements of the yachting sector, the Code intends to better serve the industry, whilst also aiming to guarantee adherence to global safety guidelines and criteria, in addition to accommodating the distinctive requirements of small commercial vessels.

Access to the full commercial yachting notice can be accessed via the following link:

The registration procedure can be found here: