Malta is I-Gaming

Malta is I-Gaming

26 May 2023
CasinoBeats Malta highlights global online casino trends

These three words spoken by CEO Ivan Filletti of Gaming Malta perfectly capture the positive sentiment behind this year’s Casino Beats Summit at the Intercontinental Conference Centre in St. Julian’s, Malta (23 – 25 May 2023).

Kresse Law attended the two-day conference, which gathered over 2,000 I-Gaming leaders and industry experts, with an agenda focused on Global Casino, leadership and affiliation.

On the European end, the Summit delved into the challenges faced by major markets including Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, and highlighted new opportunities in these countries.

A further focus was given to Malta’s position as an international i-Gaming jurisdiction. The outgoing panel explored the question:

'How can Malta re-imagine its leading role as a European i-Gaming hub?'

Malta’s unique selling propositions when it comes to i-Gaming are mainly the following:

1. The strengths of the i-Gaming ecosystem on the island.
Home to over 300 gaming operators, Malta’s Gaming industry is responsible for 10,000 direct employments, whereas another 14,000 jobs are indirectly working for or supporting the industry, such as specialized IT companies, accountants, auditors, lawyers, payment service providers and advisory firms.

2. The Malta MGA license is an international quality benchmark.
The island has over two decades of experience in developing, adapting and optimizing the regulatory framework for the gaming industry. Malta’s Gaming Regulations are today considered to be one of the most robust and efficient ones on a global level.

3. The English-speaking Island caters for the borderless industry, facilitating business with no language barriers.

4. The openness to emerging technological innovation as virtual tech and the metaverse advance.

5. Fiscal attractiveness, combined with a good quality of life.

Dr Kresse International Law Firm and its advisory arm KME Consulting support the I-Gaming industry, especially Gaming operators and Gaming Affiliate companies, in setting up shop in Malta, applying for Gaming Licenses and conducting their businesses in and via Malta in a compliant and financially successful manner.